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What will you do if you saw your GF/Bf flirting with another person?  
  May 18th
  May 17th
Which one issue would you most like to hear the candidates for president discuss during the elections?   
  May 16th

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Which is the most favourite destination in Kenya?  
   July 6th 
Have you ever experience on traveling?  
   June 13th 
If you are traveling, it's better left handphone or wallet?  
   June 8th 
whish is best public vehicle to ride when you are traveling  
   May 29th 
how many times do you spend to traveling this month?  
   May 5th 
Do You likeTraveling  
   May 2nd 
Whats the Best Gadget to Buy?  
   May 2nd 
Check it out to see if you are INTELLIGENT  
   April 27th 
Which would you prefer to buy  
   April 23rd 
Do you like traveling ?  
   April 14th 
Traveling cheap Rome-Prague  
   April 11th 
do you like traveling..??  
   March 31st 
For traveling which option is best for you?   
   March 21st 
Wouldn't traveling through time be more exciting?  
   March 19th 
What do you usualy do when you travel more then 6-7 hours?  
   March 17th 
Are you traveling this march break  
   March 10th 
Do you think time travel will ever be possible?  
   January 24th 

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