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Q: How do I register?
A: Start on the homepage of our site

Q: How do I create a poll?
A: You must be registered, and once you've logged in, there is a 'create a poll' link in the top menu.

Q: How do I see all my polls?
A: On your account home page, you will see a link, at the top/middle 'Your Polls'. You will be able to view, edit and delete them.

Q: How do I see others polls?
A: There are a number of ways, you can click on the link in the top menu to view the most popular public polls, you can also click on other people's profiles to see polls they are associated with. If you have not voted on the poll, you'll be required to vote to see the results.

Q: How do I edit my polls? How do I delete my polls?
A: The same top/middle link 'Your Polls' on your homepage.

Q: How do I invite friends to my poll?
A: Once you've created your polls, there will be two more sections where you can invite friends via email, facebook, and twitter. You can also invite friends later on - On your account home page, you will see a section, 'Friends', with an 'invite' link beside it.

Q: How do I edit my personal information and profile image?
A: On your account home page, in the top left hand corner, under your profile name and location, there is an 'edit' link.

Q: How do I add my photo to my profile?
A: On your account home page, in the top left hand corner under the current image, there is an 'update' link.

Q: What is the difference between friends and followers/following?
A: 'Friends' are people who you know, that you have agreed to be friends with on socipoll. 'Followers' are people who are not necessarily friends but are interested in seeing polls with which you are associated. 'Following' are people who you are not necessarily friends with but you are interested in seeing polls with which they are associated.

Q: How do get more people to vote on my polls?
a) Create a good poll people will be interested in, with many options to choose from.
b) Invite people outside of socipoll using the invite options after you create your poll.
c) Choose and request friendship with people on socipoll who's polls you like. An email is sent to all friends of the poll maker.

Q: How do I get my poll 'featured'?
A: It's very simple, make great polls so it catches our eye, and we'll feature it.

What we are looking for,

- title and subject that everyone has an opinion on
- poll that makes you think
- poll that you would truly be interested in hearing people's opinions
- poll with good choices that cover all possibilities

Q: What is a 'Socirating'?
A: It defines your social influence and credibility among your peers as you post and respond and make friends on socipoll. The quality and quantity of your polls, comments you make, and friends you bring in all contribute to your overall score. We may use the socirating score in the future for bonus options such as extra features, more exposure for your polls and more freedom to communicate with your friends and followers.

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