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Survey about your bedroom
Steve Loudenback
West Palm Beach, Florida
United States

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Survey about your bedroom

I have white walls
I have light color walls
I have dark color walls
I have relaxing color walls
Wow, i need to grab some paint

Do you make your bed everyday?

90% of the time
No only when someone come by

Do you leave clothes all over the floor

Yes my room is a mess
Yes, it is messy, but i know where everything is
Most of the time
No i like to see the floors
No i have my room very clean

How does your closet look like

If i open it everything will fall out
It is a mess
it is ok i clean every once in a while
I like to hang alot up and something on the floor
I like to have a clean closet

Do you like a dark bedroom?

Yes 100% of the time
Only when i sleep
Most of the time
I always have the sun comming threw
No i like a nice bright room untill i go to bed

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