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Do you want to be a MILLIONAIRE ?
Rochelle Mylene Ygona
Kidapawan City

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Rochelle Mylene's polls

Do you play Tetris Battle?
Do you want to be a MILLIONAIRE ?
If you were given 3 wishes, what will you wish ? And why?
Do you believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT?
Do you agree with DIVORCE?
Do you agree that cellphone is the #1 Device in the Philippines?


Do you want to be a MILLIONAIRE ?


What is your main reason ?

Own everything
Rule the world
Help the poor
Raise your children
Have a better life
Help your family
Be happy
I just want it

Money means everything. Do you agree?

Money do not, but the exchange of money means everything.
It means everything. Once you have money, you can get all the pleasures in this world..

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