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If you had the chioce to date someone older or younger?
Steve Loudenback
West Palm Beach, Florida
United States

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If you had the chioce to date someone older or younger?

I would date someone that is older. Why?
I would date someone Younger. Why?

If you date someone older. I would date someone that is?

50 years older
40 years older
30 years older
20 years older
15 years older
10 years older
5 years older

If you was to date someone that is Younger how young?

50 years younger
40 years younger
30 years younger
20 years younger
15 years younger
10 years younger
5 years younger

Dateing someone older makes me

feel younger
i dont have to worry about games that the youngs one plays
Happy with there money

Dateing someone younger make me feel?

I should go to jail
Love has no age

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