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Religion Test: Do you believe in God?
Francisco Casio Mata
Cebu City

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Religion Test: Do you believe in God?


What do you believe about the origins of the earth and man?

God did it, in seven days
Yeah, but "seven days" is a metaphor
Angels helped God make man from different colors of earth
A powerful God, Brahma, created it from a lotus flower
What is important is my role on earth, not its creation
The Big Bang

Who is the greatest spiritual leader on the planet today?

Dali Lama
The Pope
Billy Graham
Imam W. Deen Mohammed
There are several great Yogis
There are several great rabbis

How do you identify with religious holidays?

A formal family dinner with services
A big meal with lots of food and lots of people
Thanksgiving is my holiday of choice
Offerings to my God

Now what is your religion?

Roman Catholic

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