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Goodbye Maria Clara? Why are Women Now So Agressive,Liberated and Outgoing?
ely valeroso jr.
Manila, Picardie

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Goodbye Maria Clara? Why are Women Now So Agressive,Liberated and Outgoing?

Pilipino women before are pictured as Maria Clara, shy,Consevative and religious.Wouldn't go outside without a chaperon.Don't drink nor smoke nor disco.

Goodbye Maria Clara? TRUE -
Goodbye Maria Clara? NOT TRUE -
Goodbye Maria Clara? DON" KNOW -

WHATS The Reason for the CHANGES ?

Invention of Contraceptives -
Available info on Delicate subjects like relationship,Love and the pleasures of Sex -
Influence of generations form hippies, yippies,nerds ,etc -
Easy access to communications, cellphones,internet,socialnetwork -
New concept of Equality between men and woman -

Do You Approve of the Change/The Modern Pilipina image ?COMM

YES,Its OK -
NO, Its Disgraceful -
Maybe, not sure -

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