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What's your favorite fast food place?
RK Dell
Sison, Pangasinan

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What's your favorite fast food place?

Do you usually enjoy fast food? If yes, answer this poll. if not dont answer. :D

Burger King
Bill Gray's
Dunkin Donuts
Other (please comment)

Why do you like the place you chose above the best?

It has good food.
It has good service.
It's cheap.
It has a nice drive-through if I'm in a hurry and it's clean inside, too.
It has the coffee I need to get by in the morning.
Other (please comment)

How often do you eat fast food?

Every day!
Once a week.
Twice a week.
Three or more times a week.
Once a month.
A few times a month.
Whenever I absolutely must.

What do you usually order when you get fast food?

A burger.
A cheeseburger.
Chicken pieces.
A salad.
French fries.
Other (please comment)

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