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Do you think Barak Obama can keep his presidency?
Aysha Rashid

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Do you think Barak Obama can keep his presidency?
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Do you think Barak Obama can keep his presidency?

Its the burning question of today's world.the popularity rate of Obama and his opposition is closing by.Everyone is really curious about who's gonna be the next President of USA

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yes.sure he will.
nope i think he cant
May be or may be not
its too close cant tell

Had he kept the promises he gave?

yes he had
no he had not
at least he tried
cant tell

Has the condition of war of Iraq and Afhganisthan improved?

no it has worsen
yes its improved
it as it were before
no idea

Cab he improve the circumstances if given a chance again?

I think he can
no i dont think he can
May be he can
he tried last time and will this time too.

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