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What Makes us Happy?
Mr. Canoy
Durian City

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What Makes us Happy?

What one thing in your life brought you the greatest happiness?

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Children / Grandchildren
Family / Relatives
God / Faith / Religion
Illegal Activities

What are your major sources of happiness?

Your relationship with children
Your friends and friendships
Contributing to lives of others
Your relationship with spouse / partner, or your love life
Your degree of control over your life and your destiny
The things you do in your leisure time
Relationship with your parents
Your religious or spiritual life and worship

Do you do any of the following to improve your mood?

Talk to friend / Family
Listen to music
Pray / Meditate
Help others in needs
Take a bath or shower
Play with a pet
Exercise / Workout
Go out with friends
Have sex

Would you say your happy?

Most of the time
All of the time
Some of the time
Not often

Do you generally wake up happy?

Depends / Don't know

Your relationship to the creator of this poll

Your knowledge on the subject

Your gender

Your age range

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