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have you ever LIED to your gf/bf???
deiveen salvador
marilao, Bulacan

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aerobics, gym or the couch? ^_^
have you ever LIED to your gf/bf???
do you know where i can find UNDERGROUND FIGHTS here in the philippines???
have you been embarassed in front of many people?
do you have a piggy bank??
do you know how to drive?


have you ever LIED to your gf/bf???


why did you lie?

for the good .. (white lie)
for my own happiness
to satisfy
to keep the relationship stable
others (its in my comment below.. )

did he/she found out?


if yes, what did he/she felt?

she/he understands
we broke up
made my life miserable
others (it's in my comment below)

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