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You want to experience real JOY?
Melanie Subla
Ormoc, Ormoc

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which one of these is not a shape?
How you use leisure time?
You want to experience real JOY?
What is you religion?
God or money
what quality of a woman the man is looking for?Guys what are you looking for a woman?


You want to experience real JOY?

Joy is the feeling experience by a person that makes her/him smile with out reasons Real joy comes from the Lord

2. No
3.may be later

where you get your happines

from GOD who created you/ the whole universee
from your bf/gf who makes you laugh and cry

when do you know that a person is happy?

at her/his looks
at her/his actions
at her/ his smiles

what is real joy to you

always smiling
inspires in doing anything
always happy in/out
happy in everything happend

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