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Practices in the community (Marriage)
Ynah Ventura
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

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Practices in the community (Marriage)
What is your eating habits (meal pattern) ?
What are the leading causes of death in your place?
What is the priority problem of your country?
What makes a good leader?
Which study habit would you prefer?


Practices in the community (Marriage)

These are questions that is in line with the practices in the community.

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Civil wedding
Church wedding
Arrange marriage
Others (pls specify it in comment box)

Practices in the community (Birthday)

Go to church
Prepare a party
Singing a bday song before eating
Offering a crown and flower while singing
Others (pls specify in the comment box)

Practices in the community (Fiesta)

Preparing native delicacies
Preparing foods for visitors
Conduct of mass
Decorating the place
Organization of sports fest
Setting up of beauty and brain contest
Conducting a program

Practices in the community (Baptism)

Preparing food for visitors & sponsors
More sponsors, more to give guidance to the baby
Let the baby cry while in the church
Pinch the candle while the baby is baptized
Others (pls specify in the comment box)

Practices in the community (Health Beliefs)

No eating of sour foods during menstruation
No sleeping while hair is wet
No hanging of underwear outside the house at night
Chicken and squash cannot be together
Spicy foods causing hemmorroids
Others (pls specify in the comment box)

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