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You are in LOVE!! how people understands that?
Amir Hossain

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Are YOU Fasting during RAMADAN?
You are in LOVE!! how people understands that?
Are you HAPPY?
MAN can only complete a life of WOMEN
How MANY times you express your LOVE in a Week by saying "I LOVE YOU"?
FOOTBALL team you like most


You are in LOVE!! how people understands that?

Human beings can not hide love but how close people around you come to know that you are in love.

Seeing changes in your attitude
Your madness
You are doing bad in exam
You lost in another world when with friends or family
You are arguing a lot about simple things
Sleeping for long time
Taking Extra care on your beauty
Frequently going to shop
You are ignoring other boys//girls
All the above
Most of them

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