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will y0u Late hatred ruin y0ur Life?
Jenifer Cabeltes
Butuan City, Agusan del Norte

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Martyr 0r Just being reaListic?
..y0ur in a relati0nship n0w and yet y0ur ex, came saying he wants y0 back?
wh0 sh0w's L0ve much t0 their L0ve 0nes?
..Wh0's best in mem0rizati0n, in terms 0f especiaL 0ccasi0n?
whenever y0u bang t0 0ther pe0pLe's Lives, d0 y0u kepe it 0r n0t?
will y0u Late hatred ruin y0ur Life?


will y0u Late hatred ruin y0ur Life?


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